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I am an artist, mother, and nature lover who wants to bring happiness to the world through my creations. I believe I can evoke happiness in many ways, which could be creating art that is playful and whimsical, or by creating art just for the sheer beauty. When I tell people I am an artist, often one of the first questions I am asked is what type of media I like to work with: paint, ceramics, multimedia (installation), photography? The truth is that I love (and work with) all of these media. At this point in my career I am heavily focused on ceramics... 

Mosaic Wall Gallery

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The Memory Wall is a 400 foot-long wall at Smither Park in Houston that is a collaborative work of more than 60 artists. GiGi was in charge of the concept, design and implementation of section 28 of the wall. The wall features a whimsical reef teeming with imaginary fish that are literal versions of their namesakes, including a lemon shark, catfish, swordfish, rainbow trout, parrot fish, sawfish and more!

In 2011, GiGi completed a mosaic installation workshop in the Bay Area with community art visionary Isaiah Zagar (famous for creating Philadelphia's Magic Gardens). These photos show GiGi working on a mosaic wall with a few of her fellow workshop attendees.