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I am an artist, mother, and nature lover who wants to bring happiness to the world through my creations. I believe I can evoke happiness in many ways, which could be creating art that is playful and whimsical, or by creating art just for the sheer beauty. When I tell people I am an artist, often one of the first questions I am asked is what type of media I like to work with: paint, ceramics, multimedia (installation), photography? The truth is that I love (and work with) all of these media. At this point in my career I am heavily focused on ceramics... 




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These mosaic sculptures are covered with ceramic tiles that were hand-made in GiGi's studio. The base forms are made of ferrocement (a combination of cement and rebar) and are hand sculpted by GiGi.

  • "Lupe" is a Guadalupe Bass (the Texas state fish), which was commissioned by the advisory board for Kerrville Main Street. Hundreds of Lupe's tiles were created by Kerrville residents during several public tile making sessions. Dedicated in 2017, Lupe now swims along the banks of the Guadalupe River in Louise Hays Park near downtown Kerrville.

  • "Skittles" is a whimsical chameleon with dragonfly wings, that was featured on the cover of the Jan-Mar 2016 issue of Texas Hill Country Magazine. Skittles has currently landed at the Patrick Heath Public Library as part of the City of Boerne Art al Fresco program. Previously, Skittles has resided at the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden and also at the Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden in Lampasas, TX.

  • "Leap of Faith" is a fantastical tree frog with butterfly wings that was donated by GiGi to the Bee Cave Arts Foundation in 2013 and is on permanent display in the Bee Cave Sculpture Park.

  • "Esther" is a mosaic earthworm that playfully pops in and out of the ground around the playground at Westlake United Methodist Preschool. Completed in May of 2015, this project was GiGi's first project that was made with the assistance of the community. Children of the church and pre-school all created tiles at a large tile making party, and GiGi glazed and fired the tiles for inclusion in the finished work. Approximately 75% of the tiles used for the sculpture were created by the children.


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