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I am an artist, mother, and nature lover who wants to bring happiness to the world through my creations. I believe I can evoke happiness in many ways, which could be creating art that is playful and whimsical, or by creating art just for the sheer beauty. When I tell people I am an artist, often one of the first questions I am asked is what type of media I like to work with: paint, ceramics, multimedia (installation), photography? The truth is that I love (and work with) all of these media. At this point in my career I am heavily focused on ceramics... 

Mosaic Benches Gallery

"Flor de Paz" is a mosaic bench on permanent display at the Hill Country Galleria. The bench was commissioned by Ash Creek Homes and donated to the Bee Cave Arts Foundation as part of the Benches of Bee Cave Program. The top features hand-made mosaic tiles which, consistent with GiGi's natural themes, features a bee at the center of a flower.

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